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Coming soon: OPOs should plan for required toxoplasmosis testing of all donors

At its June 2016 board meeting, the OPTN approved several measures to improve the post-transplant communication of new donor information. One of these measures involved requiring OPOs to test all donors for Toxoplasma IgG.

To make this possible, we are adding a Toxoplasma IgG field to the Infectious Diseases tab in DonorNet®. We expect this new field to be operational in April – May 2017. At that time, all OPOs will be required to conduct this additional test and report the results.

Your OPO should plan ahead by solidifying any testing agreements with your labs and also plan for any changes needed to record these results in your electronic medical records or to upload them into DonorNet.

For a table summarizing all of the infectious disease reporting requirements for OPOs, see the policy notice. We will continue to notify you as we get closer to the implementation date.


To help you prepare for this new requirement, you can access a learning module on UNOS Connect. You’ll find it in the Course Catalog under the Patient Safety category. Search for Toxoplasma Screening and Reporting of Test Results.

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